From I-80, Exit 18 at Hwy 189 to Kemmerer, proceed north about 36 miles, then through Diamondville to Kemmerer.

Watch speed limits. Continue through town.

Just past the center of town you will come to a Ridley's grocery store on the right.

Past that you come to a junction with Highway 30. At that junction turn right and remain on Hwy 189.

You will pass over Hamm's Fork River. Just beyond the base of the hill you will find a Sinclair station on the right.

Not far beyond that is the junction with Hwy 233. You will see a sign there on the right indicating a left turn

to Lake Viva Naughton. Take a left there. Pass through Frontier and follow Hwy 233 for approxamately 3 miles after the

speed limit increases to 55 mph. At about that point you will see a large ranch on your right. You will take a left

on Dempsey Road, a dirt road indicated by a sign at the rancher's driveway saying 'Fossil Safari'. The river is

near the road on the right at this point. Do not cross the bridge. Do not continue on Hwy 233.

Follow the dirt road for approx. 8 miles. You will cross three cattle guards and be on a plateau. From the last

cattle guard, proceed about three miles. On the left you will see a well-worn dirt road with a large pale boulder

and a large white sign saying 'Pisces Prehistoric'. Turn left here. Follow the main track. Another sign will guide

you as the road starts to bend. The road becomes rutted for about the next half mile. You will then see two signs.

Take the left fork at the Pisces Prehistoric sign and the quarry will be in view. Follow the last sign and take the

hill down to South Dempsey Quarry.